Congratulations!  We are thrilled that you are looking at getting married here at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church and are happy to help you through the preparation process.

Sacred Scripture begins with the creation and union of man and woman and ends with "the wedding feast of the Lamb" (Rev 19:7, 9). Scripture often refers to marriage, its origin and purpose, the meaning God gave to it, and its renewal in the covenant made by Jesus with his Church. Man and woman were created for each other.  By their marriage, couples witness Christ's spousal love for the Church. 

The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant, which is more than a contract. Covenant always expresses a relationship between persons. The marriage covenant refers to the relationship between the husband and wife, a permanent union of persons capable of knowing and loving each other and God. The celebration of marriage is also a liturgical act, appropriately held in a public liturgy at church. 

To help you begin to look at the steps to take before getting married, we have put together a booklet that outlines all the information and responsibilities to consider before entering into holy matrimony.

Information booklet   Folleto Informativo

Music selections submission form   Music Listening Page 


To begin the process of preparation for your wedding, please email Father Kyle to set up an appointment:

After you have met with one of the priests to begin your preparations, the next step is to attend ONE wedding liturgy planning session by clicking the sign up link below. 

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