Gift Processing Fees

You are likely aware that there are various ways you can make a contribution to St. Francis. But did you know that how you give affects how much of your gift benefits St. Francis and how much is used to cover processing fees associated with the gift?

Some forms of payment incur no charge, others incur a fixed charge per transaction, and others incur a fixed charge plus a percentage of the gift. The table below lays out the possibilities and illustrates charges incurred for a $100 gift. Especially for large gifts, the fees associated with debit and credit cards are much greater than those associated with other forms of payments. “Enhanced” cards include reward cards and business cards.

Fees charged for a $100 contribution

Payment Form Fixed Charge Variable Charge Total
Cash or check -- -- $0.00
EFT/ACH, via parish office $0.35 -- $0.35
EFT/ACH, via parish website $0.29 -- $0.29
Most credit/debit cards, via parish office $0.13 1.65% $1.78
Enhanced credit cards, via parish office $0.13 2.25% $2.38
Credit/debit cards, via parish web site $0.33 2.96% $3.29