Q.  When is the best time to prepare for my child’s baptism?


A.  The best time to prepare for your baby’s Baptism is during the time you are anticipating your baby’s birth.  This will allow you time to focus on the preparation without worrying about childcare, feeding schedules, or other concerns.  It will also allow you to schedule the Baptism for soon after the baby is born, since you need to attend both sessions (Baptism Preparation & Covenant) prior to setting the date. 


Q. How do I choose godparents for my child? 


A. Being asked to be a godparent is a very special honor; however it is much more.        


Above all, a godparent serves a special role for your child, as a representative of the Catholic Christian community, the Church. They assist you in raising your child in our Catholic faith, so that your child may profess and live it as an adult. 


The Catechism of the Catholic Church states “....the godfather and godmother....must be firm believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized - child or adult - on the road of Christian life.”    Only one godparent is necessary, although both a godfather and godmother are preferred.  If a second, non-Catholic Christian is asked, they can be a “Christian witness”


To ensure that a godparent is capable of their responsibilities, Church law states that the godparent be at least 16 years old (for maturity’s sake), fully initiated (having received Confirmation and Eucharist), be someone other than the legal parents, and one who leads a life in harmony with the Church.  All this may seem like quite a bit, but the purpose is to ensure that the rich and beautiful faith of the Church is passed on to your child in the most loving and authentic way possible. 


For more information, contact the Faith Formation Office, 392-6700, ext. 109, ealba@stfrancisholland.org.