The Finance Council advises the pastor on financial matters affecting the parish.  Thus, we help determine the fiscal year budget and monitor income and spending throughout the year. We also help make decisions about special projects such as improvements to our physical plant by reviewing quotes to decide on the scope of the project and the contractor.  In addition to monitoring the finances of our parish, we watch those of Corpus Christi School, since it receives substantial subsidies from St. Francis and Our Lady of the Lake parishes.  Another way we serve is to help keep parishioners informed about parish finances via the following webpages.

Annual financial report

Monthly updates on offertory collections

Monthly updates on cash flow

Monthly updates on utility usage and cost

Gift processing fees

Finance Council members

Reports on Capital Stewardship Campaign (2013 - 2015)

Call to Actions (Summer 2014 reports)

Have you ever considered serving on the Finance Council?  Of course, having a finance or accounting background is useful, but it certainly is not essential.  Do you manage your family's finances?  Do you have facilities experience that would be valuable for making decisions about maintaining and upgrading our building and grounds?  Do you have experience managing a business?  Are you good at quantitative analysis?  All these qualifications would be valuable also.

The Finance Council meets at 5:15 PM September - June, usually on the fourth Monday of the month.  Our meetings generally last about an hour and a half, and members receive financial statements and other materials beforehand.  If you are interested in serving on the Finance Council, please let Fr. Charlie know.