Our parish is a member of Bread for the World, a national Christian advocacy movement working to end hunger, both here in the US and around the world.  Each year Bread for the World focuses on particular issues related to hunger and urges public officials--primarily members of Congress-- to take appropriate action. St Francis joins this effort by conducting an annual Offering of Letters (letter-writing campaign).

This page will soon be updated to reflect the 2017 Offering of Letters.  Meanwhile, to learn more, use this link: 2017 Offering of Letters. Our new president and many members of Congress are eager to make many changes, including measures that will hurt people suffering from hunger and poverty.  They need to hear that Americans want our government to do its part to end hunger.  So, don't wait for St. Francis to hold our parish-wide Offering of Letters.  Contact the President and your members of Congress now and urge them to uphold programs that provide essential help for poor and hungry people--those right here in Holland, across our nation, and around the world. 

To learn more about Bread for the World's 2015 accomplishments use this link: 2015 accomplishments.  Considering the current gridlock in Congress, to achieve so much is a testament to the power of prayer and advocacy!

We conducted our 2016 Offering of Letters on the weekend of May 14/15. Below are the form letters signed by parishioners.  If  you missed our Offering of Letters, you are welcome to use these letters. To download a letter, click on the link to view the letter. Once you are viewing the letter, right click and select "save as." 

Letter to Senator Debbie Stabenow

Letter to Senator Gary Peters

Letter to Represenative Bill Huizenga (District 02, which includes all of Ottawa County and a small portion of Allegan County)

Letter to Representative Fred Upton (District 06, which includes most of Allegan County)

Meanwhile, you can learn more about Bread for the World and the Holland Bread Team by viewing their websites, and, respectively.  Also, the facebook pages, and, provide frequent updates and allow you to post your own news and commentary.