Here we've included information for adults who are ready to begin the process of becoming Catholic, RCIA, and those already in the process.  If you want to learn generally about becoming Catholic, click here.  You can also complete an interest form by clicking here and we will follow up with you soon.  

Inquiry (First Period)

Our inquiry sessions are for those looking to become Catholic.  We typically offer the series twice a year, but also offer them on a one on one basis when necessary.  It's the first period of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) which is the process we use to bring people into the Church.

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Catechumenate (Second Period)

Winter 2018 Schedule

Purification and Enlightenment (Third Period)

When catechumens and candidates have discerned readiness to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation and enter the Church, there are a number of rites that are celebrated.  

Lent 2019 Schedule


Discernment is an ongoing process of ongoing discussion making. Rather than focusing on “getting ready” for a Rite, discernment is part of the journey where every gathering, every story, every liturgical action, every act of service, every new learning,—indeed, every daily experience at home, work or play—is a source of reflection, discovery, prayerful response, and change of heart. Key questions that become “standard fare” throughout the process can help you incorporate and integrate discernment into your ongoing conversion journey.

  • How does what I see, hear, feel, taste, touch, and learn from this experience reveal something of God to me?
    After her grandmother’s death, Cindy doubted “the resurrection and life everlasting” with a profound visceral doubt. The hands of her pastor, sponsor, and pastoral team members during a blessing of the catechumens literally touched her and revealed God’s presence and promise even in the darkness.
  • How does what I see, hear, feel, taste, touch and learn from this experience spill over into my life so that I better know and understand the meaning and cost of the cross, of resurrection, of discipleship?
    Leah was disowned by her parents when her life-path rooted in the Jewish tradition led her to seek initiation in the Catholic Church. Her faithful presence in the community was both a challenge and witness and inspired many conversations about the cost of being Christian.
  • What do I hear and what do I learn from the great Story of God in the Scripture? Where do I hear the echoes of my own story there?
    Sarah passed a crowd of day laborers each time she drove her children to school. At the Sunday assembly when she heard the Gospel proclaim that in the vineyard all received a full day’s wages, she was compelled to refresh her high-school Spanish skills, make sandwiches, and devote a day a week to sharing food and companionship with the waiting workers.
  • What do I discover about my relationships with God, with others, and with the Church through my daily life experiences? Through my gathering with the Sunday assembly? Through my participation in the mission of the Church?
    Kevin and Kate had traveled to a Catholic church in another state to be married. They felt their marriage was truly blessed when they returned, dressed in gown and tux, and gathered other catechumens, candidates, sponsors, team and parish companions to share in the story of their wedding as well as cake and champagne. The wedding was indeed a significant celebration, but this couple recognized that the sacrament was to be lived in the midst of the community.
  • What is happening now in the world, in the Church, and in our community? To what does that call me?
    After the terrible Tsunami disaster, a group of catechumens and candidates engaged in a discussion about stewardship of earth and material goods that resulted in a parish project to support the victims.
  • What do I hear in the music, homily, and in my interactions with others at our liturgical gatherings? What of God’s will is revealed to me in those words? How am I willing to respond?
    Bill shared that each time he heard the gospel and homily he felt like “an onion that’s being peeled layer by layer,” becoming more and more the person he knew God created him to be. The year after his initiation he built an immersion font for his church.

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