Prayer/Reflection for Catechists

Blogs and Discussion Groups

  • 21st Century Catholic Evangelization: blogs are written by the members of the NCCL Evangelization Committee and invited guest authors exploring approaches, practices, resources, and programs.
  • Be My Disciples: join as we talk and teach about true discipleship, as we find ways to help teachers, parents, catechists and students articulate the gospel message so that others will better understand it. A ministry of RCL Benziger.
  • Catechesis 2.0:  gives you a broad overview of many of the web 2.0 tools that may be valuable in catechetical ministry.
  • Relevant Catechesis: a blog designed to share insights and ideas for carrying out the work of catechesis in a Catholic Parish.
  • Catechist Community: a blog from the publishers of Catechist Magazine.
  • Catechists Journey: Joe Paprocki of Loyola Press refects on the joys and challenges of being a catechist.
  • Catholic Catechist Discussion Group: catechists can share ideas, activities and questions with a group of catechists worldwide.
  • Catholic Digital Resources: faith-enrichment materials in an ever-expanding variety of products, ready for you to download and start using. Paper products are provided as digital files ready for you to print on an as-needed basis. You can even put your church's (or organization's) logo, name, Mass schedule, contact information, or other notice into an editable box on the page, before printing.
  • Catholic Mom: Although the goal of this site is to celebrate Catholic motherhood and to learn and share about topics related to faith and family, you may find a lot of ideas here. 
  • Faith Formation Learning Exchange: news articles, blogs and great resources for faith formation for all ages and generations.
  • Marc Cardaronella's Catechetical Blog: where parish leaders, catechists, and parents can find ideas, information, and resources for handing on the beauty of the Catholic Faith in a way that inspires others to change their lives for Christ.
  • Sadlier's We Believe and Share: inspiration and resources for Catholics.

Tools for Catechists

  • 10 Ways That Technology Can Improve Your Religious Education: a webinar by Victor Valenzuela, Sadlier National Consultant.
  • 20 Uses for Smartphones in School: written for school, but has applications for the religious education environment.
  • C21 Online WebSearches: a resource designed to assist the seeker in reflection on a question. In it, the seeker is guided to certain web sites and pointed to specific content to support their reflection process.
  • Catechetical Word Search Creator: create word search games for the Sunday bulletin, classroom, or home. This free tool allows you to create word search games and print them or use them online.
  • Joe Paprocki: Catechist Webinars helps to become a better catechist.
  • Make Beliefs Comix: have fun by creating your own comic strips. Great homework assignment.
  • Motivator: Create, share, and buy your own customized motivational posters.
  • Puzzlemaker: a free puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more-using your own word lists.
  • Prezi: create presentations that you can present from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Vertex42: free Excel templates that can help you make calendars, budgets, invoices, and other practical spreadsheets.
  • YouCat: based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church YouCat (Youth Catechism) is written for and by young people who want to know what they believe.

Websites for Catechists

  • Amazing Catechists: serves and supports catechists as you bring the light of our Catholic Faith to others.
  • C21 -- The Church in the 21st Century: Boston College provides solid theological resources on the Catholic faith in magazine, video, web and podcast formats.
  • an online and interactive religious education program for Catholics of all ages.
  • Catechist Café: the diocese of Youngstown diocesan library website.
  • Catechist Magazine: official magazine of the National Catholic Catechists Society.
  • Catholic Apostolate Center: assisting pastoral leaders in deepening collaboration with one another and providing formation and apostolic opportunities.
  • Catholic Catechist: a source for comprehensive teaching resources including lesson plans, games, icebreakers, worksheets and many other useful ideas.  Note: some of this site is by paid subscription only.
  • Catholic Educator's Resource Center: online source for information on Catholic faith and culture.
  • Catholic Relief Services Education: a gateway to activities, lesson plans, simulations, prayer services and other resources that explore global issues through the lens of Catholic Social teaching.
  • Catholic Update on Demand: a library of faith-formation video programs from Franciscan Media, using time-tested catechetical films and videos from Franciscan Communications, Catholic Update Video and others, as well as newly produced resources. A subscription allows you to extend password-protected permission to faith-formation leaders in your parish or school, as well as to parents and others for in-home viewing.
  • eCatechist: Ideas, inspiration and resources are the focus for this online resource for catechists.
  • Creative Catechists: from Religion Teacher's Journal, resources for catechists and catechetical leaders.
  • Domestic Church: promotes a Catholic culture of the home that will aid each family to become "what you are!"
  • Family Catechism Online: the Apostolate for Family Consecration sponsors this online catechism.
  • Resources for Catholic Educators: seeks to assist Catholic teachers and catechists by providing them with information and easy access to resources. links, handouts, lesson plans and other resources.
  • Claretian Publications helps busy parents to pass on the faith to their children. A weekly Monday morning e-mail meditation for parents is featured.
  • JClub Catholic: a site for kids and catechists from the Daughters of Saint Paul.
  • True Freedom:  Anti-Pornography initiative materials available from the Archdiocesan Family Life Office.
  • Institute for Christian Formation (ICF): assists Catholic Christians in celebrating and handing on faith in a manner authentic to our Roman Catholic tradition.
  • JClub: A Place for Catholic Kids: Stories, activities, media, games and fun for kids; resources for catechists and parents.  Sponsored by the Daughters of Saint Paul.
  • Magis Center of Reason and Faith: explores and shares the close connection between reason and faith as revealed by new discoveries in physics and philosophy.
  • the Franciscans sponsor this website that reaches out to inactive and questioning Catholics.
  • Parents and First Eucharist: an article with suggestions for parents to model for their children.
  • Praying the Rosary: a PowerPoint presentation for the classroom on praying the rosary in English and Spanish.
  • The Religion Teacher: offers practical resources and teaching strategies to help religious educators transform the lives of the young people they teach.
  • a selection of power point reflections and prayers that can be used for class and staff rituals.
  • St. Mary's Press Resource Center: a variety of online resources for catechists in a variety of formats.
  • Sister Rose Goes to the Movies: Daughter of St. Paul, Sister Rose Pacatte offers video reviews of current movies along with discussion questions for class.
  • Symbolon: a video resource for the evangelization and catechesis of adults. It aims at transforming adults on all levels—how they think, how they pray, and how they live—by providing a comprehensive and compelling explanation of the Catholic faith. This resource can be used at the parish, or through an online digital platform, at home or wherever one may be at to bring adults into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.
  • The Liturgical Catechist: promotes liturgical catechesis.