Welcome to the Rodriguez-Matos family, our sponsored refugee family. They entered the U.S. just in time to qualify under the Cuban Haitian Entry Program. With that and their interest in being part of a Catholic community we are blessed to be able to cosponsor them. Tuesday, Feb. 7, they will move into their new home which Grace Episcopal Church owns; they are thrilled to be able to assist us in this ministry through providing housing and being good neighbors.

As a parish we decided almost a year ago to cosponsor with Bethany Christian Services a refugee family. We were assigned a family from South Sudan who have been living in the Kakuma Camp in Kenya for 25 years. After being delayed because of processing issues and health reasons, they were ready to come but recent policy changes have restarted their visa process. We were then presented with the opportunity to help the Rodriguez-Matos family.

Our refugee support team is thrilled to be able to finally enter into this relationship with one of the many refugee families throughout the world who needs our support and prayers. Thank you to all of you who've helped make this ministry a reality in our parish community. Please keep both families and all the world refugees in prayer.