Our names are Luis and Lila Rebolledo. We are both parishioners at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Holland, Michigan.

One of the ministries at St. Francis that we have been blessed by is, the St. Andrew School of Evangelization (SASE) and the retreats that they offer. These retreats are a series of dynamic, interactive courses designed to help people, both practicing and fallen-away Catholics, and others, to deepen their relationship with God, and also to grow in their faith, and their desire to share that faith with others.

This coming March 21 to 24, we are again, having the New Life Retreat. When my Wife and I took this course last year, it was presented as a spiritual retreat, in which we and all the participants heard, experienced and shared the power of the Gospel message proclaimed.

What a wondrous experience! But what was the purpose of the retreat..? So that all of us could experience God's salvation, through a personal encounter with Jesus resurrected, and to seek a new infusion of the Holy Spirit in all of us, in order to be born again, and to live our lives as children of God, and heirs of his Kingdom.
 That is why my Wife Lila and I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful family at St Francis de Sales Catholic Church, and that is why we will be helping at the Retreat to.! So, see some of you at the Retreat. !!! Amen!

New Life is a dynamic course that employs a unique teaching methodology to engage the participants and bring them to a personal/intimate encounter with Jesus Christ. “New Life” is the beginning of a new life for the believer.  Click here to learn more and to register online for our next course.