How You Can Help!

Many of you have contacted USCCB/MRS asking what you can do to help. We are grateful for your generosity and interest in welcoming children and families who have been separated by migration.

  1. Are you interested in becoming a foster parent for an unaccompanied child? USCCB/MRS currently provides foster care to unaccompanied children in the following locations: Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia, New York, California, Washington, Mississippi, Florida and Utah. Those interested in becoming a foster parent would need to follow state and agency guidelines for training and licensing. If you live in one of the afore-mentioned states, and are interested in becoming a foster parent, contact Anne Mullooly for more information.


  1.  Support your local Catholic Charities or Catholic Social Services affiliate in their efforts to serve refugees and immigrants! Contact your local Catholic Charities affiliate to learn about their material/volunteer needs to include the donation of needed items, including clothing, hygiene products, food, and cash and the provision of volunteers to distribute goods.


  1. Support the work of USCCB/MRS by donating to The National Catholic Fund for Migration and Refugee Services or Passing on Hope!


4.Join the Justice for Immigrants Campaign and become a part of a network of Catholic institutions, individuals, and other persons of good faith in support of a broad legalization program and comprehensive immigration reform! Voice your opposition to your local Representative and Senators to legislative proposals that would roll back humane protections for these children and to a reduction in funding for the care of unaccompanied children.  (You can do this easily by using Action Alerts on the Justice for Immigrants website.)

The above info is copied from Migration & Refugee Services of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Renewing Hope, Seeking Justice