9 Days for Life 2019

St. Francis’s Respect Life committee invites you do pray the Novena for Life. Monday, January 14 – Tuesday, January 22. Pray for the respect of all human life with daily intentions, brief reflections, and more. Download a free mobile app, or sign up to receive the novena through daily emails or text message. (A printable version is also available online.) Sign up at www.9daysforlife.com! Join us for Mass on Tuesday, Jan 22nd at 9:00 am to pray for protection of unborn children.

Recommended Videos:

This month, we encourage you to check out movies, books, and talks on the dignity of human life. Click here to access Formed content (parish code: ZWQPPD). Please consider watching this month's features, including "The New Conversation", "Life for Life", and "Encountering the Poor.


9 Days for Life

9 Days for Life is a focused period of prayer, penance, and pilgrimage. Surrounding the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, this novena has as its overarching intention the end to abortion.

Children's Activities and Parent/Catechist Resources

Pro-Life Novena - Activity Sheet (grades four and up)
This is a novena (a nine day prayer) that involves praying the Rosary.  Here is a link to a guide to praying the scriptural Rosary.
This printable board game would be great for a neighborhood group or families who are home schooling. 
Seamless Garment (grades 6 and up) 
Below are resources for your knowledge and background.  The resources cover specific topics that you would, in most cases, not cover directly with  younger children, but they can possibly help you better understand how and why we believe what we do.