On Friday, April 27 we will again be visiting the masid (mosque) in Grand Rapids. Dr. Akerm Mutahr gives an excellent presentation of the faith of Islam. This follows a delicious ethnic meal shared with some of the members of the masid. After the presentation we join the community in prayer. This is followed by a Q&A session.

We will meet at St. Francis de Sales at 11 am on the 27th and then do some car pooling to Grand Rapids. We will be back at St. Francis by 4 pm at the latest.

This will be the 3rd time that a group from the parish is doing this. We’ve always had a good turnout and very favorable responses to the day. A previous participant says,Muslims and mosques have always seemed rather mysterious, even a bit scary to me. This past week's visit to the mosque in GR was enlightening. Our hosts were most gracious, willing to share their faith and answer our many questions. lthough we do have some different beliefs, I was surprised to learn how much we have in common…. The evil we see portrayed and amplified by the media is sad, and as one might guess, not the case with the majority of peaceful Muslims.”

Another participant says, “Today I grew in my sense of Muslims as a deeply religious people, who pray to the same God as Christians and Jews, and who seem to be extremely faithful to their beliefs. They were wonderfully welcoming and gracious, expressing sincere thanks for our visit… If Christians have long come to respect the religion of the Jews, they no less owe that respect to our Muslim sisters and brothers.”


Sign up after Masses on April 21-22 or call Sister Noella (392-6700). The fee is $10 or $15 if you want to help pay for those who will be joining us at the meal. It’s best if you can pay this fee when you sign up. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.