On Saturday, Jan. 20 at 6:30 there will be a reading of the play JUST LIKE US by Karen Zacarias in the multipurpose room at St. Francis de Sales. This is a great story for 5th grade – adult. It doesn’t get into pros and cons of immigration reform; it’s simply a beautiful story of friendship and life as experienced by some high school teens. Students from Hope College are producing this rendition.Just Like Us

Just Like Us                  http://www.karenzacarias.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/KarenZacarias-Logo-New.jpg

“What makes us American?”

Based on Helen Thorpe’s bestselling book, this documentary-style play follows four Latina teenage girls in Denver—two of whom are documented and two who are not—through young adulthood. Their close-knit friendships begin to unravel when immigration status dictates the girls’ opportunities, or lack thereof. When a political firestorm arises, each girl’s future becomes increasingly complicated. Just Like Us poses difficult, yet essential questions about what makes us American.

“One of the finest things about this wise play… is its generous, even celebratory sense of humor, a plus for a tale that carries with it a great deal of hurt.” - The Denver Post

http://www.karenzacarias.com/plays/just-like-us/  Go here to see a video montage and also an interview with Karen Zacarias and Helen Thorpe.