Grow in love for Christ in the Eucharist and pray for Corpus Christi Catholic School in honor of its feast day! There will be Eucharistic Adoration in Our Lady of the Lake's chapel beginning after the 9 a.m. Mass on June 1, extending overnight, and ending at noon on Saturday with benediction.

Please sign up for a one-hour time slot by calling Steve Redmond (616-399-5520) or contacting Cory Lakatos (616-399-1062 ext. 110, There is a Facebook event, but you don’t need to RSVP on Facebook to come to Adoration.

What Is Eucharistic Adoration?

Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, so spending time with the Blessed Sacrament is a wonderfully intimate way to pray and worship. During Adoration, the Host is displayed on the altar in a special receptacle called a monstrance. We hope you can join us as we venerate Christ and pray for our school!

What to Do:

  • Sign up for a one-hour slot (or more!) by calling Steve Redmond at 616-399-5520 or contacting Cory Lakatos at 616-399-1062 ext. 110 or
  • Arrive at Our Lady of the Lake 10-15 minutes early and enter through the chapel doors. Sign in at the table in the back of the chapel.
  • Before, during, and after your time slot, please maintain an atmosphere of silence and reverence in the chapel. It's appropriate to genuflect (bow on one knee) before sitting down as a sign of reverence for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • You can pray however you want to during Adoration. There will be prayer resources near the sign in table. You are especially encouraged to pray for the people of Corpus Christi School.
  • Someone must always be in the chapel with the Host, so please do not leave during your time slot.
  • When your time slot is over, check the sign up sheet to see if at least one of the people in the next slot have arrived. If so, sign out and leave.