Click HERE to see a spreadsheet showing the monthly net cash flow for fiscal year 2019.  Also shown are offertory, total receipts, and total expenditures for each month. Cash-flow figures are broken down between those related to the Capital Stewardship Campaign, Growing our Faith, and general (everything else). Like most households, our cash flow varies from month to month.  Some types of income and expenditures are very regular, some highly seasonal, and some sporadic.  The spreadsheet indicates the number of weekend deposits in each month to help explain variations in offertory and the number of (bi-weekly) paydays in each month to help explain variations in total spending.

Our year-to-date net general cash flow looks great. This is in part due to a bequest received in September and two large repair projects that were budgeted for the current fiscal year but have not yet been completed.  Our FY 2019 budget includes $50,000 in general funds for the shingled roof of our school and another $40,000 for the flat roof of our church.  Still, we are greatly blessed, and the "surplus" funds will help us take care of several other major repairs on the horizon.

The staff works hard to manage our resources well.  Check back here to see how we're doing throughout FY 2019.  It takes a while to close the books for the month, so results for each month will appear near the end of the following month.

Those familiar with basic accounting principles should note the following. Our parish uses the accrual method of accounting. For the results presented here, we use the term "cash" loosely.   Thus, "cash receipts" consist of all income recognized under the accrual method. "Cash expenditures" consist of all expenses recognized under the accrual method, less depreciation expense, plus capital outlays.