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Our family program has been in place for over 10 years at St. Francis. It meets once a month, typically the second Sunday of the month, from 3:30 to 6:30 pm at Corpus Christi Catholic School (12100 Quincy Street).  The goal of the program is to help the entire family grow in faith with other families.  It is the role of all disciples to continue to better know, love, and serve the Lord. 

Our program includes an opening activity as a large group, break out sessions by grade and age levels, and a shared meal.  The adult breakout session is offered both in English and Spanish and focuses on relevant topics of exploring one’s faith. There is also a home component for families to work on with their children between sessions. 

This program may be for you if………..

  • You, the adult, are committed to growing in your own Catholic faith.
  • You, the parent, are committed to influencing the Catholic faith of your child.
  • Life’s schedule is a little crazy for you and your children but you can make it to the monthly session each month, and commit to home component that you will do as a family at home during the month.

For questions or concerns, contact the Faith Formation Office, 616-392-6700 or

2015/2016 Schedule

Pope Francis' Joy of the Gospel - English; Spanish

About the Program

Like a Family

As a family works together, our family program involves the help of everyone.  We take turns setting up the space, cleaning up afterwards, serving the food, and participating in prayer.  It’s a neat community experience.  We will cover this during our first session.


Our expectation is that families will attend each session.  We realize life is busy and that is one of the reasons we offer this monthly program.  If, however, a last minute conflict arises, we ask that you notify through the parish website—

Age Appropriate Break Out Groups

We break into smaller groups to delve into topics designated for each group which are designed to build each group up as disciples at their age level.  Our adult break out group will break into an English group and a Spanish group depending on the need.  Materials for our youth will be supplied.  Adults are asked to purchase or use an online copy of the resource being used for our adult session. 

Home Component

Coming together monthly is a great way we create community and celebrate and explore our faith at all age levels.  There, of course, is much more to explore in our faith which helps us grow closer to the Lord.  In order to sufficiently support parents as the primary catechists of their children, we offer a weekly resource for families to explore topics of the faith together at home.

Chapter Schedule 2015/2016


We have a team of volunteers who prepare each month’s meal. Finally!, a meal mom (or dad) doesn’t have to worry about.  Each family is assessed an $80 fee with registration to help cover the cost of the food.  While some rejoice not to be in the kitchen, other’s may not.  You are more than welcome to volunteer on our kitchen team.  Our team will work to the best of their ability to satisfy dietary needs and picky eaters.


One of the best parts of our program is the accessibility of the gym and playground for our children and youth.  You will want to make sure they bring appropriate footwear. 

Adult Sessions

Our adults will be exploring Pope Francis’ encyclical “Joy of the Gospel” this year.  Each month we will focus on a chapter or section of a chapter from this text.  We will have a speaker and a witness talk in addition to small group discussion.  Adults should read the chapter before hand.  Below are the topics we will be covering, in order, throughout our schedule.  Books will be available through the Faith Formation Office or you can read it free online. 

  • September—Joy (index)
  • October—Missionary Transformation (Chapter One)
  • November—Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment (Chapter Two)
  • December—The Proclamation of the Gospel (Chapter Three)
  • January—Social Dimension of Evangelization—Part I (Chapter Four)
  • February—Lenten Theme (TBA)
  • March—Social Dimension of Evangelization—Part II (Chapter Four)
  • May—Social Dimension of Evangelization—Part III & IV (Chapter Four)
  • June—Spirit Filled Evangelizers (Chapter Five)

Handouts & Resources 2016/2016



Archive handouts



Nuestro programa familiar ha estado vigente en San Francisco de Sales desde hace mas 10 años.  Se juntan una vez al mes, tipicamente el segundo domingo del mes, de 3:30 to 6:30 pm en Corpus Christi Catholic School (12100 Quincy Street).  La meta del programa es el ayudar a toda la familia a crecer en su fe al lado de otras familias.  Es el papel de todos los discípulos el continuar conociendo mejor, amando, y sirviendo al Señor.

Nuestro programa incluye una actividad al empezar la sesión, se forman grupos de estudio por grado escolar y por edades, y una comida compartida.  El grupo de estudio para los adultos se ofrece en Inglés y en Español y se enfoca en temas relevantes para explorar nuestra fe.

Además de nuestras clases mensuales tenemos un componente de estudio en el hogar para que los padres de familia trabajen con sus niños.

2015/2016 Calendario
Lista de capiculos para la casa

La alegría del Evangelio, de el Papa Francisco - inglesespañol

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